About VPSS

V.P.S.S (Shri Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj), which is appropriately named under the guidance of  P.P.G. 108 Shri Indira Betiji Mahoday, is a well-known non-profit organization in the greater Houston area. VPSS is blessed and Endorsed, by 108 PPG Shri Mathureshwar Maharaj shri (Surat-Vadodara) and PPG 108 Shri Indira Betiji Mahoday. The first Pushtimarg Haveli in Houston was started back in 1984 in the garage of a devoted Vaishnav's home (Sarlaben J. Patel). In this garage, Dahiben Desai (Dahiba) served as the very first Mukhyaji (priest) of the Haveli. She maintained her position as a priest until 1991, when the construction of our current Haveli was completed.

In 1991 the venue of worship and mode of service changed and we started serving Shri Nathjee’s Swaroop provided by P P Goswami 108 Shri Indira Betijee Mahodaya. We agreed to do the service in the tradition of Surat-Baroda Gaadi. Though that 5,000 sq ft office building converted to suit our needs served its purpose in the interim, many vaishnavas were hoping to build our own ground up facility to serve our religious, social, educational and spiritual needs as outlined in our constitution.
A real thrust came when we celebrated Chhapan Bhog in 1996. We purchased the land in 1996, raised funds for a few years, discussed the size and scope of new facility, drafted new by-laws which were approved by 86% of members, hired an architectural firm to design our facility, raised additional substantial funds to make the new project feasible, obtained loans from members, secured a mortgage loan from Chase Bank, hired a general contractor and built the modern facility which was occupied by Lord Shri Nathjee in June 2005 as HIS permanent home – NANDALAY! Twenty years march was indeed challenging, full of growing pains, marked by skepticism from few, supported by enthusiasm of many and volunteering spirit of many who labored to cook to help raise funds. Vision, daring, faith, persistent efforts, determination to stay the course and methodical planning, encouragement from Vallabh Kul and kripa of Shree Nathjee have brought us where we are today. Sacrifices have been made by many, young and old, rich and poor, sick and healthy. They all deserve the compliments from us, blessings from our Acharyas and Krupa from Lord Shree Nathjee.


    To provide modern physical facility for worship, variety of social, charitable and educational activities, and retirement;
    To inspire in all persons love for Shri Nathji, passion for righteousness and consciousness of one’s duty to God and to fellow human beings;
    To inspire one and all towards a better way of life through humanitarian values of service, discipline, love, tolerance and harmony;
    To develop constructive and creative youth and children’s activities to mobilize their energy and to promote education and volunteerism;
    To sustain roots of Indian culture and all the good that it stands for.